Our Commitment


When we began salvage operations in 1981 the term ‘recycling’ was not yet fashionable, and awareness of environmental considerations was still far from the public psyche. Even then, we were conscious of our environmental obligation to do no harm. Potentially harmful bi-products such as oil, anti-freeze and storage batteries were always carefully recovered.

We are justifiably proud of the results of recent extensive testing of our site showing it to be well within industrial norms.

Our commitment to protecting the environment extended to installing oversize oil skimmer equipment in 2001, to treat all garage gray water before disposal – one of only a handful currently in use by automotive recyclers.


We see effective quality control as the key to repeat business; and for over 35 years, we have always represented our products, whether components, complete trucks, or truck bodies, to the best of our knowledge and experience. Put simply, we will only offer for re-use, a truck or component which we believe will, with proper maintenance, reliably fulfill the job it was designed to do, and thus, our client’s expectations.

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