What about warranty?

  • All our parts are guaranteed, unless specified otherwise. The warranty period is 90 days unless otherwise agreed. Our responsibility is limited to supplying a replacement for the defective unit.

    Claims for damage resulting from accident, abuse or incorrect installation are excluded.

What about shipping?

  • We ship small parts by courier or as per client’s request. Larger components are palletized and sent via LTL carrier. Shipping charges are at purchaser’s expense, either collect and charged to purchaser’s account with courier or trasporter, or prepaid. This also applies to brokerage charges where applicable.


Are there complications to importing a used truck into the United States?

  • Not if done correctly. First, we will ensure that the truck you choose meets all U.S. requirements, and can be licensed and operated there. We look after brokerage and can arrange for delivery if required. 

    North American-built trucks enter duty-free, but there are some minor charges to certify the truck for use in the U.S. 

    Keep in mind that the U.S. dollar has a purchasing advantage in Canada. The rate fluctuates, and your bank can provide you with the current exchange rate at time of purchase.

What about vehicles for use outside North America?

  • We regularly sell trucks and buses for export to offshore locations, and have the experience to help get the vehicle to its destination.

I am planning to modify my truck. Can you help?

  • Put our knowledge and experience to work for you for modifications to original specifications. Whether it’s for light or heavy vehicles, repowering or any other modification, we invite you to contact us.

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