Export Sales

Our many clients keep returning to re-order for one excellent reason: dealing with us is a profitable proposition - there is no other explanation.

This is not a co-incidence. The underpinning of their success starts with our corporate philosophy:

  • first, no misrepresentation equals no disappointment
  • second, providing top value for dollars spent equals repeat business

Your order is now prepared in our newly-constructed dismantling and container-loading facilities, enabling us to dispatch shipments faster, and we have the know-how to correctly load and document, ensuring that your container arrives at its destination quickly, and without complication.

Shouldn’t you be looking for a new and competitive source of parts and trucks? Allow us to provide you with a fuller explanation of what we can do for you!

Reach us is your first step to increased profitability and a wider selection for your clientele.

P.S. Looking for a specialized piece of machinery or equipment? If we don’t have it, with a little lead time, we could no doubt locate it for you.

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